Todd Duda  
5’11”, green eyes, and brown hair  

Theater One “Special Request” (an original production)  
     Lead Character: Gary  
     Director: Lonon Smith  
     Received an Elly certificate for leading role  

Theater One, “The Odd Couple”  
     Lead Character: Felix   
     Director: Jill McMahon  

Featured film, "The Mendoza Line"  
     Character: Rude Customer   
     Director: Nathan Kaufman  

The Acting Company, “Barefoot in the Park”   
    Character: Telephone Repair Man  
    Director: Carmen Smith  

Runaway Stage Productions, “Fiddler on the Roof”    
    Character: The Constable  
    Stage Manager: Todd Duda  
    Director: Bob Baxter  
    Choreographer: Darryl Strohl  
    Vocal/Musical Director: Deann Golz  

The Acting Company, “Enchanted April”  
    Lead Character: Mellersh Wilton  
    Directors: Robin Henson and Janice Reade Hoberg  

The Acting Company, “12 Angry Men”  
    Character: Juror #7  
    Directors: Debbie Collier and Heidi Ramey  
The Acting Company, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"  
     Characters: Aide Turkle and the Technician  
     Director: Pat Hill  

As a professional drummer, I’ve opened shows for such greats as Willie Nelson, George Strait, and Gregg Allman; just to name a few. I am currently fronting my own band. I graduated from the Haas School of Business at Berkeley in 1995. I’m also a painter, see Todd Duda Gallery on Facebook to check out my work. I love to read scripts and go diving in warm water.